Postpone a booking or an experience

Guide on how to postpone a booking or the date of an experience via the platform.

This feature is currently behind a feature flag however, you can action 'Postpone' very easily by getting in touch with our support team instructions on how to do this are in this article.

How Postpone works

If you postpone a booking or experience date, this will ensure that the guests when logging in can see the amount they have paid, that the booking is postponed and when you’re ready we can move them to their next choice of date.

Please note. If you don’t postpone the trip - your customers will get balance payment reminders.

How to Postpone a customers booking

Visit your dashboard > bookings > search for the customer's name, email or booking reference and hit 'request' a change. This request will be made to our support team and actioned within 24 hrs.

How to Postpone an entire expeirence

If you with to postpone the date of an entire experience please get in touch with with the details and we can help to ensure all customers are contacted to postpone their booking within 24 hrs.