Create and send personalised payment links to drive conversion and create urgency with customers.

Recommendations will hold the stock from your products' variant until the customer books or as long as you set the availability for when creating the recommendation.

What should I use recommendations for?

Recommendations are perfect if you want to remove any barriers to booking for a customer whilst also making them really personal. Recommendations are ideal for customers you have had direct contact with or if you have people enquiring about your products and you want to create them a bespoke booking ready to purchase.

Some examples of good uses for recommendations are below:

  • You have been talking to a customer on Live Chat about your amazing new product and want to get them to book right there and then.

  • You have a customer who is slightly nervous about booking a large trip and want to give them a personal touch when booking.

  • You have a customer who is unsure about booking and you want to drive urgency and take away any barriers to booking to shorten their time from discovery to purchase.

  • You want to put together a lager value bespoke booking for a larger party or a corporate booking.

  • You have a customer who has booked your main variant but you subsequently want to up sell them in to purchasing extras or even another experience.

How do I create recommendations?


  1. Go to your Brand Home

  2. Select Bookings > Recommendations

  3. Select New Recommendation.

From the new Recommendations page fill out the details below:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer E-mail

  • Add a message to your customer

  • Add an optional image to the recommendation (If this is left blank it will just pull through the Hero image from the product you select.)

You will then need to select a product(s) to add to the recommendation, select the variant or extra from that product you would like to include as well as the quantity of the variant/extra. You can search for all products you have set up under your brand in the product drop down.

You can add as many products in to recommendation as you like.

Once you have configured your recommendation hit save.

If you would like to add two different variants from the same product in to the recommendation you will have to add the product in twice from the product selection dropdown and then select a different variant from there.

Preview the recommendation:

Preview how the recommendation will look to the customer by clicking the 'Preview' button. You can then either send the customer that URL directly to book or you can copy the payment link to your clipboard from the recommendation configuration/edit screen.