Guide on how to request a refund for a guest and the process involved.

How do I request a refund for a guest?

To request a refund for an indivdual guest go to the Bookings section of your dashboard. Click on the individual booking you would like to request a refund for and click the 'Request a Change' button.

Then please fill out the template confirming that you would like the support team to process the refund for that customer. Please specify whether the customer will be fully or partially refunded.

If it is a partial refund request please specify the exact amount you would like to refund.

Wherever possible, if issuing a partial refund please request the refund amount in the same currency that the customer made the transaction in to ensure we can refund the correct amount

What if I need to refund every guest for a single trip/event/experience?

If you require all guests to be refunded for a particular trip/event/experience then please contact directly to arrange this rather than submitting individual requests for each booking.

Whenever refunds are issued you will need to have enough money on your account to cover these. Fixers will inform you if you do not have enough money on account to cover any refunds and will send over a remittance invoice. Refunds cannot be issued unless there is enough money on your account to cover any refund requests.

How much will the customer receive when refunding?

As per the platfrom terms Fixers are not able to refund platform and processing fees when issuing refunds to guests. As we incur payment processing costs which are not recoverable it is not possible for us to refund our fees.

Therefore all guests will receive the requested refund amount minus these fees. You can view your agreed fees by going to 'Settings' on your dashboard and selecting 'Fixers Terms'

NB: When requesting a refund please do not calculate the amount less fees that will go back to the customer. E.g. if you would like to refund a guest £100 please just request that amount and we will then refund the guest £95 (£100 - 5% processing fee)