Requesting a booking change

You can request a change to a customer's booking with the Fixers' support team directly from a customer's booking in your dashboard.

To request change on a booking go to Bookings > All Bookings on your dashboard. From there:

  • Search for the booking you wish to change using the customer's booking reference, e-mail or name.

  • Click on the Booking Reference for the customer you wish to request the change for

  • Once in the booking click on the Request a change button in the top right

  • Fill out and send the pre-populated change request e-mail template

When requesting a booking change via e-mail please fill out the two fields concerned with:

  • Details of change (eg. transfer a booking to another account, update a user e-mail address, change the quantity of a variant)

  • Reason for Change

The support team will then reply or action the requested change within 48 hours of it being sent.

Please note that if requesting a booking transfer to someone else we can only transfer bookings in their entirety e.g. if a customer has booked 2 tickets in a single booking we can't transfer just 1 ticket over to a different customer, we would have to transfer the entire booking over.