Provides the Fixers team with key information about your company

Primary Contact Info

This will be used just in case any member of the Fixers team needs to contact you. If you have more than one primary contact e-mail please enter each e-mail seperated by a comma in the 'Primary contact e-mail' text field.

Customer Contact Info

These details will be included on booking confirmation, payment . reminder and check in e-mails. We recommend setting up a support e-mail address and entring this here if you do not already have one.

Payment Settings Info

Please enter your desired statement description here. This is what will display on the customer's bank statment when they make a purchase through your company so ensure it is something they will recognise.

If you do not enter a Statement descriptor then it will simply default to 'Fixers' on the statement. Adding a statement descriptor will lead to a dexrease in people flagging payments as fradulent as they will be able to recongnise the charge more easily when it appears on their statement.