Your Brand

Your Brand Info

This section will be used by the Fixers platform to help get a better understadning of your business and what you do and some of the information used will.

Be sure to drop in the links to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles on this section if you have them. These will be used on your site wherever you have social icons linked up.

Your Art

Please enter your brand logos in their vairous formats in to ths sectiom. These will then pull through in various places on your site, prodcut pages and booking pages.

Cover Photo: This will be displayed on your brand banner when placed in the Fixers Marketplace.

Logo: Please add in both a square and a ciruclar logo in to this section. These will display on the cart shop page and will follow the user through their booking journey.

Wordmark Logo: Please add a wordmark logo which includes your Brand's name if possible. This will display in the top left hand side of your website pages.