Why does my brand have a subdomain in cart shop?

Understanding the use of subdomains in the Fixers platform Cart Shop.

The cart shop is where customers can add, edit, view products in their cart via your website or the marketplace ahead of making a payment in checkout.

When a customer books an item via your website they will land on a subdomain with the name of your brand as the pre-fix in the Cart Shop.


If a customer books an item via the Fixers marketplace they will land on the Fixers domain in cart shop


This is because today, all payments on the platform are made using the Fixers platform checkout technology. So that customers can identify that they are purchasing an item from your brand the subdomain of your brand will feature first.

Launching in 2020, customers will be able to view their cart shop and make a payment on on your domain.

If you have any further questions or need clarity on this please get in touch support@fixersworld.com