Configuring your domain on GoDaddy

If you manage your domain with GoDaddy, this is how to set it up on your custom site with Fixers.

Managing your DNS settings

Login to your GoDaddy account, find the domain you want to point to your site on Fixers and go to DNS.

Create a new CNAME record

Press 'Add' and create a new CNAME record, the host should be 'www' points to should be '' and you can leave the TTL at the default option.

  • Enter www as your host name

  • Select type CNAME

  • Enter as the destination

Now press save and you should see your new configuration added to the list of records. Your domain should now be set up on

It can take up to four hours for the domain to propagate across the internet. You can check on the status of the update around the world using this tool. ‚Äč

Set up domain forwarding for your root domain

Next you need to set up a redirect to ensure your domain loads without the www. prefix e.g follow these extra steps.

Scroll to the bottom of the DNS settings page and you will see a section on the bottom right 'Forwarding'.

Press 'ADD' on the domain forwarding, you can ignore subdomain for now.

  • Select a permanent redirect,

  • forwarding to www.yourdomain

  • Make sure to tick the checkbox update my namneserves and DNS settings to support this change.

Your domain should now be good to go on