Check in reminder

A guide to how what customer's receive when you use the check in feature.

If your products have been configured to have Check In or Deposits enabled your customers will automatically receive reminders to complete check in and pay their balances.

When do customers receive a reminder?

Guests are sent three reminders from the platform to provide required check in information.

An example of a Check in reminder is here:

An example of a check-in email reminder

Check In should only be used to capture either non urgent information or information a guest will not have at the time of booking for example flight number or passport number. Check In lets you keep check out lean and improve conversion.

For critical information required to book we recommend using 'allocation' which will ensure the information is captured at point of purchase.


This email is sent three times to your customers leading upto the deadline you set in your product settings.

Days before deadline

Email Sent

14 Days before

First request to check-in

7 Days before

Second request to check-in

1 Day before

Third request to check-in

At anytime you can check a customers check-in status, by looking at either a specific departure or trips bookings or looking up a specific customer in your bookings.