Balance reminders

A guide to balance payment reminders your customers will receive.

If your products have been configured to have deposits enabled your customers will automatically receive reminders pay their balances.

Pay your balance: When do customers receive a reminder?

Guests are sent three reminders from the platform to pay an outstanding balance.

An example of a balance reminder is here:

An example of a balance payment reminder


This email is sent four times to your customers leading up to the deadline you set in your product settings.

Days before deadline

Email Sent

18 Days before

First request to pay balance

14 Days before

Second request to pay balance

7 Days before

Third request to pay balance

1 Day before

Final request to pay balance

At anytime you can check a customers payment status, by looking at either a specific departure or trips bookings or looking up a specific customer in your bookings.

If customers do not pay their balance within your set balance due date of the product your brand's terms and conditions and or cancellation policy will apply.