Setting up your customer terms and conditions

You can enter your own terms and conditions on your dashboard which customer's will have to agree to before being able to book.

Go to your dashboard and hit Settings > Customer Terms from the menu on the left.

Your Cancellation Policy

This is where you can choose from 3 seperate cancllation policies which your customers will sign up to when they book:

  • Strict (Fixers Recommends): If the customer cancels their booking, they will forfeit all payments made.

  • Moderate: Customers can canel anytime up to the final balance payment deadline and recive a refund although their deposit will always be forfeited in the event of a cancellation.

  • Flexible: The customer can cancel anytime up until the final balance payment deadline and recive a full refund, including their deposit.

Your Terms and Conditions.

You can enter your customers terms and conditions in the free text editor. These terms and conditions will override all platform terms and conditions.

Once you have entered your Terms and Conditions hit save and these terms and conditions will then appear at checkout for any customer. Customer's will have to agree to these terms and conditions before being able to complete their purchase.