Welcome E-mails

Learn how to set up custom e-mails which will go out to your customer's upon booking.

Welcome e-mails can be configured per product and are a perfect way to get your customer's excited about the experience they have just booked with you, prvide vital information for their trip as well as cover any Frequently Asked Questions to help with limiting your customer support

Set up a Welcome E-mail

To set up a Welcome e-mail go to your Brand Home > Products.

Click either on the Sales or Edit View of the product you would like to set the Welcome E-mail up for. In the top right hand of the page click on 'Configure Welcome E-mail'

To first set up a Welcome E-mail you will need to fill in the below fields:

Reply Address: This is the address your customer's will be given to reply to if they have any further questions.

Subject: The subject line of the e-mail they will receive eg. "Congratulations for Booking!"

Summary (optional): This is the text that will follow the subject line when an e-mail is viewed in an inbox. Many mobile, desktop, and web email clients provide them to tip you off on what the email contains before you open it.

Hero Image: This will automatcially pull through the Hero Image of the product you are setting the Welcome E-mail up for.

Company Logo: This will appear at the top of the e-mail and automatically pulls through from the logo you enter under Settings > Your Brand.

Once you have entered the relevant information in the text fields then hit save in the bottom right of the page to begin creating the Welcome E-mail.

Configure Your Welcome E-mail.

To start building your Welcome E-mail hit 'Add Section' on the top right of the page. You will then be able to build your Welcome E-mail using a selection of block sections.

Booking Details Block: This will automatically pull through the customer's booking detaills including the product they have booked, the variant(s) they have booked, the quantity as well as the price.

How to get get here' Block: This will automatically pull through the information you have entered in the 'How to Get Here' text box of the Useful Info section of your product. To enter this information go to your product edit page and enter this in the 'Useful Info' section.

Text Box: A free text box you can use to enter whatever copy you would like.

Be sure to use the snippets such as {{first_name}} or {{product_name}} to make your e-mail more personal

Text and Image Block: Allows you to enter a section with an image on the left hand side of the e-mail and the text and the right

Image Block: Allows you to enter an image which display across the width of your e-mai

You can add as many different block as you like and change the order of them as you like by dragging and dropping the blocks on the Sections part of the Setup page.

Test and Publish your Welcome E-mail

You can send test e-mails to yourself using the button in the bottom right so you can see how it would look to a customer.

Once you are happy with your Welcome E-mail be sure to hit 'Publish' and your e-mail will then automatcially be sent out to any customer's as soon as they book that product.

If you do not publish your Welcome E-mail your customer's will not receieve it when they book so always be sure to double check before launching an experience