Genie Booking Page

Genie comes with a Cart Page which acts as the place where users add the variants to their cart that they wish to purchase.

The Genie cart page will automatically pull through your brand styling but the page layout is designed to increase conversion and to increase cart spend.

  1. Hero Image: The hero image from your product will automatically pull through here.

  2. Logo: Your company logo will pull thorugh here.

  3. Product Name: Your product name will appear here.

  4. Product Date(s)

  5. Product Tagline: The tagline you set up for your product will appear here.

  6. Product FAQ: Your product FAQ will appear in a modal if a customer clicks here. See the Help Article here for more information on setting up your FAQ section with Genie.

  7. Product Variants: The variants you have set up on your product will appear here. The Variant section will include the variant name, variant image and variant tagline. Users will be able to select the number of vairants they would like to purchases as well as the number of adults (only if it is set up as an Experience with Accomodation) and this will be added to the cary on the right.

  8. Floaty cart: Any variants, Extras or Transfers added on the left hand side of the screen will be added to the floaty cart on the right hand side which will follow the user if they scroll up and down the cart page. Users can edit quantities and remove items from the floaty cart as well as on the left hand side of the page.

  9. Book Now: The button will take them through to the final checkout page where they will enter their payment information.