Start selling with Easol

A quick guide and checklist for how to start selling your experiences on Easol.

First Steps

The basics to setting up your brand (company) to start selling.

  • Create an account to start your free trial

  • Create your company

  • Choose your legal business name and address

  • Set a default currency for your brand's products

  • Add your billing information to get paid

  • Book a platform demo with one of the team to get on boarded and set up your subscription

Create your Company

Create and Sell your Experiences

Giving your brand and products a market leading presence online and impress your customers is critical to building a brand your customers love.

Depending on how many products you plan to offer, adding and organising your product listings can be the most time-consuming step of getting set up on Studio. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to add your products, use as many of the merchandised fields as you can to hero your products and give customers more reasons to buy.

  • Book office hours with on of our team members via your dashboard Support > Office Hours to discuss your needs.

  • Create your website store - use a theme, build a custom site, or transfer your existing website.

  • Get support from a Studio design or development expert to create your website

  • Add your products

  • Merchandise your products

  • Set up and organise your variants

  • Set your product's inventory

  • Check your currency settings

  • Create a test purchase

  • Launch your website !

Your Customers

Your customers will receive two chains of information during their purchase process from your website.

  1. Automated communications about their purchase - sent via the platform - see an example timeline here.

  2. Brand communications about their experiences - created by you.

Creating a clear and well written channel of communication with customers during and post-purchase is crucial to build trust, increase efficient operations for you and your team and create excitement!

Carefully crafted emails and clear communications play a huge part in your customer's experience even before it begins.

  • Create a welcome email for customers per product

  • Set useful information for your customers to receive once they have booked

  • Complete your brand's terms and conditions

  • Let customers know how to contact you by providing your contact email and or phone number

  • Enter a Statement Descriptor - that appears on your customer's bank statement when they make a purchase from your brand.

Automated Platform Communications include:

Booking Confirmation

Check In and Balance Payment Reminders

Time to pay your balance Reminder

See an example timeline of all automated communications here.

Promote your Experience

  • Book office hours with one of our team members to discuss ideas to drive your campaign

  • Set up google analytics

  • Enter your tracking ID for google analytics

  • Enter your Facebook pixel ID for retargeting

  • Enter your preferred meta data for your website

  • Use promotions

  • Set up voucher codes

  • Create ambassadors

  • Send bookable, personalised recommendations to customers

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