A guide to setting up and using the ambassador feature.

Ambassadors are an individual, publication or partner incentivised to promote your brand's products.

You can use the ambassadors feature in your brand home to invite your community to represent your brand and reward them directly for driving traffic or sales.

How to set up an ambassador and generate unique URL links


  1. Go to Marketing > Ambassadors in your brand home

  2. Ask your ambassador to create an account by entering their email address and a password here - email address and password

  3. Create your ambassador by entering the email address used to create their account

  4. Once they have been added to the table select their name in the table to access their campaigns

  5. Enter the URL you would like to track activity for and to generate their unique URL campaign link

  6. Hit 'generate link' which will save the link to your clipboard and use this URL campaign link to send to your ambassadors to promote your product/site

  7. To view an ambassadors campaign activity just select their name in the table to view last click, total clicks, last sale, total sales, total value.

Use a link shortening tool like to customise your links for ambassadors

How ambassador's can view their campaign activity

  1. Ambassadors can view their own campaign activity by logging in to their account at

  2. To view total clicks and total sales - ambassadors can go to 'Your Account > Campaigns' in the main menu

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