Image Guidelines

A guide to uploading images to your products and website.

Product Images

Product images are displayed on your website to help customers see what your experience looks like. These images are also used in the Fixers marketplace.

You can select up to 10 images to use in the gallery of your product and in merchandised field options. Select multiple images from your device at once. by dragging and dropping them onto the upload icon.

Select a range of up to 10 high quality images that best represent your product.

Images can be a mixture of portrait and landscape orientation. It is advised where possible use landscape imagery as this will be best represented in the Fixers marketplace.

Images must not include logos, banners or graphics where your products are for sale in the Fixers marketplace.

The first image for each product is known as the hero, or main, image. The hero image is shown on the Fixers marketplace, collection pages, the cart page, the checkout page, and your product's listing page.

Website Images - the exact way that images appear on your website depends on your website theme.

Image Sizes

The maximum size for all images on a product gallery is 10MB.

Your product images can be any size up to 4472 x 4472 px, or 20 megapixels. Product images need to have a file size smaller than 10 MB to be added to Fixers.

High resolution photos look more polished and professional to your customers.

Uploading Images on your website

The exact way that images appear on your website depends on your website theme.

In order to optimise load times on your website please run images through an optimisation tool such as‚Äč

Uploading large images to your website eg anything larger than 2MB will slow your website loading speed down and effect performance and conversion.