A guide to adding and editing variants to your products.

You add variants to your products to allow customers to book more than one option.

A variant refers to any option within a product sold for example a room option (double or junior suite), a ticket option (first release, VIP) or a time slot (an hour, a day).

Every product must have at least one variant so that you can set up your options accordingly for customers.

Experience without Accomodation Variants

For example, if you are selling an experience with three options e.g. First Release, Second Release, Final Release then you would need to set up three variant options - one for each release.

Experience with Accommodation Variants

If you are selling an experience that includes accommodation (eg a Yoga Retreat) with two options Double Room, Triple Room then you would need to set up two variant options - one for each room.

Every variant option must have Pricing and Inventory - you can manage this at a variant level within your product.

You can also set up Check In (Reminds your customers to come back and complete information e.g. flight details or dietary information post booking) or Allocation (capture critical customer information for booking at checkout e.g. medical conditions) per variant for your customers.

Variants should be set up as the primary option within your product. Any additional items can be set up as Extras or Transfers.

Using Variant Modifiers - you can also group together Extras or Transfers or any additional up sell options that you would like to guests to choose or select from per variant when booking.

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