A guide to setting up the check in feature for your customers on your products.

Check In is a platform feature that prompts your guests to come back and complete information post booking.

Check In is a setting available per variant.

You can set a preference of when customers receive this prompt per transfer e.g. immediately after booking or 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks before their trip.

How to apply check in to a product's variant


  1. Go to your product's variant option

  2. Select the toggle option for "Check In' - this will display your check in options

  3. Select the fields that you would like customers to enter at check in

  4. Select when you would like to prompt customers to check in before their trip

If customers do not provide their check in information ahead of booking - your brand's terms and conditions will apply.

‚ÄčSee what your customers will receive to request them to provide check in information for your product.

If you require an additional information field to be added at Check In please contact your Account Manager