How to set up deposits and a guide to balance payments for your customers.

Setting up deposits

Setting a deposit on a product allows your customers to pay a percentage (10%, 25%, 35% or 50%) of the total product price at the time of booking.

The customer will then be prompted to pay the balance owed via the platform.

To set up a deposit go to the 'deposit section in your product edit and toggle on the deposit option. Select the % of the total booking amount you would like to offer customers at the point of booking.

Customers will also be given the option to 'pay in full' at the point of booking.

If you do not select a deposit option customers will be required to pay in full at the point of booking.

You can select the balance due date for your product at any time. Customers will receive reminders automatically to pay their balance based off the balance due date you set.

Selecting a deposit option can increase conversion with less commitment required from customers.

Balance Payments

If customers do not pay their balance within your set balance due date of the product your brand's terms and conditions and or cancellation policy will apply.

See what your customers will receive to request them to pay the balance on their booking.