A guide to selling Extras on Studio.

Extras are items sold 'in addition' to variants. Extras are often used to sell items such as lessons, equipment hire, car parking.

You can add Extras to any product, with the following fields:

  • Title - the name of your Extra

  • Tagline - a snapshot description

  • Image - best used to display your Extra

  • Price - per Extra

  • Address - if applicable for your Extra

You can also set the following per Extra:

  • Stock - the number of units that are available for a product.

  • Allocation - capture more information about every booker at checkout eg flight details, passport info.

  • Check In - prompt your guests to come back and complete information post booking e.g. dietary requirements, DOB. You can set a preference of when customers receive this prompt per Extra e.g. immediately after booking or 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks before their trip.

  • Deposits - set % amounts for an extra so that customers can choose to pay a smaller amount to secure their purchase. Setting a deposit on a product allows customers to pay a percentage (10%, 25%, 35% or 50%) of the total product price at the time of booking. The customer will then be prompted to pay the balance owed via the platform.

  • Useful Info - Set check in and check out times, how to get there or other essential info you would like to communicate with customers. Customers will be able to view this summary when they login to view their booking and if it is a ticket this information will also appear on their ticket.

Creating Segments for Extras

Segments are used in products to enable variants to be grouped or separate product types.

Create segments to merchandise your extras and create categories that make it easy for customers to browse the items on sale. E.g. if selling car park passes bronze, silver, gold options or if hiring equipment use segments to differentiate between beginner, intermediate, advanced.

How to create a Segment


  1. Go to the 'Create Segment' option that appears below your variant options

  2. Select 'Create Segment' and type the name of the segment e.g. VIP options

  3. Either drag and drop in existing variants by hovering over the left hand side of the variant box (three dots) or create new variants within your segment

NB: If you do not create a segment for your variants a default 'variant' title will apply - so it is advised to create a segment these for any variant even if you only have one option.