Variant Modifiers

A guide to creating and managing variant modifiers with your products.

Variant modifiers allow you to set choices your customer can make at the time of booking, i.e. a workshop.

There is no limit to the number of variant modifier options you can create on your variants.

Please note:

Currently, variant modifiers can only be used as a secondary item in addition to the primary product you are selling - so it must be included in the price of the primary product or a feature of the primary product you are selling.

Coming soon - you will be able to attach pricing to variant modifiers to up sell items in addition to the primary product.

Variant modifiers are currently available to use on variants created in an experience without accommodation only.

Coming soon, you will be able to add variant modifiers to products with accommodation options e.g to up sell extra nights.

How to set up variant modifier options:


  1. Go to Variant Modifiers in your product edit - located under variants

  2. For the item you would like customers to select as an add on to the variant - you will need to create a 'modifer group' to apply this rule when customers select the variant to book. For example if you would like to sell a ticket to an event 'VIP weekend entry: London food and wine festival ' and you would like customers to select a minimum of two workshop options and a maximum of 3 workshop options in addition to their festival ticket - your modifier group could be 'VIP Workshops'

  3. Next create your three modifiers (options) and in this case a modifier for each of the names of the workshop options e.g. 1. Learn to make pasta, 2. Wine Tasting, 3. How to cook easy Vegan recipes

  4. Now, select which variant you would like the modifier options to apply to - in this case only the 'VIP weekend entry tickets' would enable customers to book the 3 workshop options included in the price of their ticket. You can also select multiple variants that your modifiers can apply to e.g. if you had a Platinum VIP option and you would also like customers to select workshops in this instance you would simply add another variant that your 'workshop rule' applies to . You can also set stock available (inventory) per modifier option - in this case to ensure you do not oversell workshop places.

  5. Hit Save