How to download my sales data

A guide to access customer sales data from your dashboard and download a CSV spreadsheet which gives you customer information, product sales, booking status and financial data on a per booking level.

You can access your sales data via your dashboard two ways depending on what information you need.

1. Product Level Sales Data

You can download your sales data on a product level if you only want to access the sales data for a particular experience/accommodation type. In order to do this simply go to the 'Products' tab on your dashboard and click 'Sales' on whichever product you would like to download the sales data for.

On the 'Sales' page in the top right hand corner click the 'Downloads' button and from the dropdown simply select 'Sales Report'. This will then download a csv to your computer which will contain your sales report for all bookings taken up to the date/time of the download request.


2. Company Level Sales Report

In order to access the sales report for your entire company simply go to the Reporting'' tab on the left of your dashboard. From that screen hit the 'Download all company data' button and that will download a CSV spreadsheet which will give you all the sales data across all your products up to the date/time of the download request.