View my weekly sales

Get a quick view of any Bookings made in that calendar week

Sales This Week View

On the 'Sales' page of any product you will see a quick glance view on the right hand side labelled 'Sales This Week'. This will give you a quick numerical view of how many bookings have been made for each variant that calender week.

If you hit 'View All' on that section you will be taken to a quick glance view of each booking taken for that product displayed in order of most recent booking to oldest.

Weekly Sales Graph

You will also be able to see your weekly sales displayed graphically in the top right hand corner of your product's Sales page.

You can do a number of things to manipulate the view of the graph using the icons in the top right of the graph including:

- Zoom in and out of the graph to see data over a shorter or longer period of time

- Select and zoom in on a particular section of the graph

- Click and drag the graph horizontally

- Reset the graph to its default view

- Download Weekly Sales in an SVG or PNG format