What is booked revenue?

See a top-line future booked revenue for each of your products converted in to your home currency

In order to see the Booked Revenue for each product go to the Products tab on your dashboard and hit 'Sales' on any one of your products.

At the top you will see a figure displayed as Booked Revenue. Booked Revenue displays the total future booked revenue for that particular product. Any payments taken in currencies which differ from your home currency will automatically be converted in to your home currency and displayed in the Booked Revenue figure.

Please note this figure displays future booked revenue and so is calculalted assuming that every customer will pay their balance in full. This is designed to give you an at-a-glance topline figure to see how a product is selling but please do not use this an accurate figure for money held or for any financial calculations. You should always refer to your statement data which is sent to you weekly for fully accurate financial data.